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Istanbul:Highlights so far

A Random summary and highlights of my time in Istanbul so far:
The ferry rides have to be highlight number 1: def the best form of transportation ever- getting on the ferry,the smell of the sea,throwing simit to the seagulls doing acrobatics to catch it.fun fun fun.
Favourite area has to be Kadikoy.I love the whole artsy feel of it,all the second hand bookshops and record shops,the fish market,the bars on bar street,the proximity to the sea and the whole chilled athmosphere of this place.
Uskudar and Ortakoy would have to come second...
As far as sights go, I haven't done or seen much yet-i always try to leave the touristy stuff till the end-except Istanbul modern(on thursdays) it's on the smallish side but the view from the balcony/restaurant on a sunny day is pretty awesome-the art is cool too.
When the sun decides to come out,I'm planning to go see all the islands-I've only been to one of them-it's a bit like toronto islands.great sunsets.
The food is great-favourites:ayran,kokorec, lahmajun,balik ekmek,kunafe and soups(all kind of soups.hot soups,cold soups,yoghurt soups..just gorgeous).and of course turkish kahve followed by some nargileh and fortune telling.
Plus live music and cultural events.no time to get bored.
can't wait for spring in istanbul!

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in Africa


Hoping to catch the humanitarian caravan from casablanca to Dakar for the world's black arts festival..
still to do visa,paperwork,vaccines,donations,packing...
the caravan is stopping in Dakar for a week or so for the music festival, but I'm thinking of actually continuing to Timbuktu alone and make my way back to casablanca later on.we'll see.

2011 update: This adventure has been postponed.

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